I'm a Dietitian from Texas and a mother of 2 toddlers! I love dogs, chocolate, & coffee. I love being at the beach with family, going for runs and hiking, girl's nights, cooking, and baking (when I have time for that!) 


I want to start by saying I understand what it’s like to have a poor metabolism thanks to genetics! I definitely wasn’t born with the naturally thin gene and diabetes runs in my family! So pair my 5″1′ frame with a slow metabolism and my weight was steadily on the rise when I hit 20!

This is when I created my proven controlled carb approach and tone up trio formula to naturally lose 20 pounds and keep it off. From both professional and personal experience, I’ve discovered what it takes to heal hormones that cause stubborn weight and prevent diabetes, and I’m here to let share this magic with you, too!

If you feel like weight loss seems impossible, you’re unsure where to start to manage your prediabetes, or you’re tired of crash dieting only to lose the same 20 pounds over and over again, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be confusing or feel like you’re “starving” while working to reach your blood sugar and weight goals.

It can actually be a fun and enjoyable experience using my unique and custom carb approach and tone up trio formula to keep your blood sugars and weight managed! 

You may know what to do, or maybe you don’t! Either way, I’m here to hold you accountable so that you reach your goals once and for all.

PS. No, I’m not the food police! I eat chocolate and tortillas, too! I want to help you learn to live a little and reach your goals!

Education & Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Abilene Christian University

  • 1200-hr CDR accredited dietetic internship at Texas Healthy Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

  • RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,   Commission on Dietetic Registration