Here are just a few of my client's results and transformations.

"I’m not craving sweets like I was! It's only been a week. Even an avid runner, with a fitness mind and health profession, I needed some help from a professional."


"I’ve learned how to balance my diet with the nutrients my body needs. I lost 25 lbs, don’t have diabetes and I’m off 1 blood pressure medication."


"I’ve lost 15 lbs and I feel so much better. My Dr. said at this rate I could be taken off all meds soon!"


"I no longer get true cravings, lost 13 lbs, and I lowered my A1c."


"I started focusing on eating more balanced meals and exercising consistently, and I’ve lost 18 lbs so far!


I was very shocked and mind-blown to see how Bailee approaches nutrition and how she teaches it to others. She breaks it down, explains in layman terms, and knows the science to back it up. Its not a quick fix.... it's literally the equation with a solution.


My blood sugars have been stable all week which is huge for me. 


I am down 17.7 lbs just 5 weeks in! I feel great and am noticing changes with my energy and mood as well. I'm HOOKED! Thank you so much for doing this program! 



Knew exactly how many carbs are right for your body so that you can easily lose weight & balance blood sugars?

Pull-on those old pair of jeans with ease and slip on that swimming suit with confidence?

Not feel hangry all the time and not have to miss out on your favorite foods like on those crash diets?

Figure out a solution to help curb those sugar/carb cravings and limit those late-night snacking episodes?

Get ahead of that crazy disease, called diabetes, that could come to bite you in the butt in the next 5-10 years if you don’t do something soon?

Know exactly how to throw a healthy meal together in under 5 minutes so you aren’t finding yourself at the Taco Bell drive-through at the end of the day?

Discover ways to fit in healthy eating no matter how busy your schedule is?

Sail through the afternoon without needing a venti Starbucks frappuccino or nap to overcome the dreaded afternoon “slump”?

Feel in-control of your food choices even when you feel slammed about work or personal things?

Be able to go out to eat and not worry about what you can order?

Have a personal nutritionist at your fingertips that knows your time struggles and is rooting for you?

Many of my clients have been able to achieve these things, and you can, too!


This program is what I've been trying to find the last 3 years! I hate buying products that get my hopes up, but in the end I give up on them.